Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NEW FEATURE: Add Video To Your Articles For More Impact!

As you write articles, consider increasing their impact by including a supporting video.  Videos provide an entertaining and informative way to reach consumers who are searching for legal information, and can help validate the content you are writing about.  

Here is a great example of an article published on DrunkDrivingLawyers.com that includes supporting video footage.  This article titled “How Do You Win a DWI/DUI Case? Part 1: Probable Cause To Stop”, written by Attorney Paul D. Reynolds, highlights key components for winning a DWI/DUI case.  Also included in the article body is video footage from an actual arrest. This video is not only an attention grabber, but more importantly, it provides supporting details to reconfirm his point-of-view.

As consumers search online, it is believed that locating an article with video can increase the readership of that article.  The more time a consumer spends reading your article and watching the video, helps increase the average time spent on the page as a result of a search. This is a key metric in determining the effectiveness of the search results and makes your article more relevant in future searches.

If you want to include a video in your next article submission, you can either provide the embedded code for the video, or a link to where the video is hosted when you upload content to our publishing platform.  We will make sure that the code is properly embedded to display your selected video.  Enter this information in the “Body” field as pictured below.

If you have any questions about adding videos to your articles, please contact us today.