Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Take Advantage of Your Featured Author Badges

Here are two examples of current ExpertHub subscribers taking advantage of their Featured Contributor and Featured Author badges.

In the below example, Denver Bankruptcy Attorney, Teg Taggart, displays his badges conveniently on an internal page of his firm’s website. He chose to couple the two badges on this page, and by doing so, provides easy links to all his articles. This also allows him to tout his firm as a featured contributor with ExpertHub and highlights the 33 positive ratings received from potential clients who found his aritlce’s information useful.

In this example, we can see Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney, Rodney Mesriani, has chosen to display his Featured Contributor badge prominently on the homepage of his firm’s website.  This badge conveniently connects his potential clients with the articles he has written, highlights him as a featured author on the ExpertHub Legal Network and confirms that he is a content expert in his field.  Plus, the 730 positive consumer ratings add to the firm’s credibility, while building good rapport with potential clients.

These easy and convenient badges offer many benefits and can be added to your firm’s website, preferably the homepage, with the HTML code provided when you log in to your online account.   You can select between different sizes to accommodate your current homepage layout.  Mix it up by adding one or both of the badges to your website, your professional LinkedIn or Facebook pages or blog sites.

If you have any questions on how to access the code used to create these badges, please contact us today.