Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July’s Honorable Mentions

1. Auto Accident Attorney, Anthony D. Castelli, completed his LawFirms.com profile page to 100% and continues to contribute quality article content to our network.  His most recent article, 7 Steps to Finding a Great Car Accident Attorney, provides his potential client with tips on choosing an attorney to handle their auto accident claim. 

2. The Utah-based Personal Injury Law Firm, Gregory & Swapp, PLLC, uploaded five great examples to the Case History section of their profile page.  In addition to having a completed profile, these details on case history provide potential clients with a more rounded picture of the success the firm has had with past clients. This helps demonstrate the ability of your firm to handle their case.

3. Uploading a photo or firm logo to your profile page is important, as it allows potential clients to connect with the firm they will be contacting.  Gallagher & Associates Law Firm, P.A. provided several photos of the attorneys representing this firm.  In addition to photos, the firm uploaded several helpful videos on “Foreclosure Defense” and “Foreclosure Relief”. 

4. The Oklahoma Family Law Firm of Lily Debrah Cruickshank & Associates, PLLC completed the Overview section of their profile page, providing an in-depth explanation about the firm. By completing each section of her profile page, Attorney Cruickshank has increased her chances of generating free leads through her profile page.

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