Friday, July 23, 2010

Boost Your Monthly Leads

Many ExpertHub subscribers have asked how they can generate more leads each month. In prior posts, we explored the importance of having a completed profile page and submitting articles to the ExpertHub network.  Whether you are on a flat rate or pay per lead payment option, completing these two things will help boost your dashboard numbers.

Profile Page: Having a completed profile is a surefire way to motivate consumers to contact you directly through your profile page. Through the “Contact Us” box, potential clients will select the appropriate practice area and enter their zip code.  After clicking the “Next” button, they will be taken to a form to provide detailed  information on their case. Your firm will be the only one to receive their information if that consumer is requesting an attorney in your subscribed location. 

The best part, you are not charged for any lead that comes in through your profile page.

Contributed Articles: In addition to branding yourself as a content expert and providing great SEO value, articles open an additional avenue for potential clients to contact you directly. In the body of each article you submit, is a micro profile that shows your photo or firm logo, your name and a button to contact you directly. 

The best part, you are not charged for leads that come in through the articles you submit.

 Please contact us for more information on connecting with potential clients.