Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stats To Help Track Your ROI!

Tracking your online advertising campaign has never been easier. Through our powerful expertSTATs performance dashboard, you get real-time reporting to help you track your return on investment with ExpertHub. This monthly report tracks your exposure within the ExpertHub network (profile views, article views, etc.) and the leads you generate (lead volume and detail), while showing you how your potential clients interact throughout our network.  

Your dashboard is also a great place to review recent leads and recent messages that have been sent regarding your account. 
Here is our sample dashboard.  As you generate profile views and leads, the numbers will populate in the corresponding sections on your report.

Access your dashboard report 24/7 from the “account tab” by logging in to view your profile. Please contact us with quesitons regarding your profile or about reading your dashboard report.    

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Promote Your Contributed Content

You spent the time writing an informative article; now get the biggest impact from it! All published articles will automatically display on the homepage of and any other related site in our network (example: an article titled “Bankruptcy Laws in California” will display on  Your articles will also receive a permanent link in our category pages and display in our search results.

There are many more outlets to promote your expertise.  Here are a few ways you can show off your articles: 

  • Link articles to your firm’s website:  ExpertHub provides a “Featured Author Badge” that you can place on your firm’s website, which contains links to your most recent articles.  This badge creates a convenient place for current and potential clients to read information related to the area of law you practice. Each article demonstrates your expertise and shows potential clients that your work is published on prominent websites, adding additional credibility.  The Featured Author Badge HTML code can be accessed by logging in to your dashboard. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the size appropriate to match the current layout of your site. 
  • Link articles to your professional blog: Many ExpertHub subscribers are active with their own blogs and providing a link directly to your profile page or to individual articles is another great way consumers can access the legal information you submit to our network. You can even add your “Featured Author Badge on your blog as well.
    • Link articles to your Facebook or Linkedin pages:  If your firm also has a professional Facebook page or Linkedin page, providing links or creating discussions around your articles will gain you more exposure among your colleagues and the groups in your social network.

    Win the Title of “Most Popular Article”

    We added a new “Popular Article” section on the homepage of Each new article that you contribute will have the opportunity to be showcased in this section for 30 days.  A “rating scale” displays the numbers of positive consumer ratings next to each article, helping to establish each attorney as a content expert.  The rating system will determine which articles are displayed in the “Popular Articles” section.

    For more information on how to promote your articles or to add the "Featured Author Badge" to your website, please contact us today!