Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New design, same great benefits!

We recently updated ExpertHub’s profile pages with a cleaner, more user-friendly design.  This new design, which displays much like a website landing page, features a cleaner navigation style and content layout to better highlight your firm’s information and generate additional leads.

The profile elements have been repackaged for a fresher, more robust consumer experience with the same great SEO benefits as the previous layout.  For example, we placed the firm’s photo, tagline and practice overview information in the center of the page, and moved the backlinks, subscription practice areas, office location and video links to the right and left sides. Through a series of convenient drop down menus, consumers can choose the information they want to view by quickly scanning each subheading and then clicking the arrow to expand their selection.

Contributed articles are now prominently showcased in the centrally positioned “Articles Written” section.  This prime location will grab consumer’s attention and motivate them to read your articles as they transition easily between all elements on your page.

In the profile sample below, the new layout design features an eye-catching way for consumers to contact the attorney.  Removed was the  previous method of a smaller “Free Case Review” button, and the new “Contact Us” button allows consumers to enter their contact information and a brief summary of their case.  That information is then sent to the attorney in real time.

For more information on how to connect with potential clients and to optimize your profile page, please contact us today.