Friday, May 14, 2010

How consumers find attorneys on

ExpertHub subscribers often ask the question, “How do consumers find me on your site?” The answer lies in how the consumer is searching.  When a consumer comes to they can do 2 primary things:

1.    Search for an attorney immediately
2.    Search for information related to their need

If the consumer is interested in connecting with an attorney immediately, they can click on the Find a Lawyer tab at the top of the homepage or enter in their zip code in the “Contact A Lawyer” box. Either path will bring them to a 2-step form where they can describe their case and provide contact information, which is then sent to the attorney(s) who subscribed to that practice area and location.

A second path is through the Lawyer Directory.  When a consumer clicks on the Lawyer Directory tab on the homepage of, they will be able to easily search for an attorney by practice area and location.  Each attorney's directory listing provides a link to the firm’s profile page, the firm logo, address, phone number and tagline. Attorneys who participate in our expertSYNDICATION program by contributing articles, will also have a link to those articles within their listing. This not only provides additional real estate on the directory page, but it also demonstrates their expertise to potential clients. Consumers can also contact the attorney directly through the “contact office” button or phone number provided.

As mentioned above, Article Contribution is another great way consumers find you.  When you submit articles to our legal network, the ExpertHub SEO team optimizes them for better search engine results.  As consumers search for legal topics online, your articles could be included in their search results.  Included in the article is a micro-profile where the consumer can either contact you directly, click to view your profile page or go directly to your firm’s website via the free backlink offered in each article you submit.  Your articles can also be accessed via the legal article section of the homepage and each relevant website in our network.

For more information on connecting with potential clients and to optimize your profile page, please contact us today.