Friday, August 20, 2010

Grab Attention with a Powerful Profile Teaser!

Adding a profile teaser to your profile page provides your potential clients with a short message that highlights important details about your firm. Conveniently positioned at the top, the teaser is often the first bit of information visitors read when landing on your profile. This element is key and motivates potential clients to read the rest of the information about your firm.

Below is a sample profile page from Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorneys Lowenthal and Abrams, P.C. You will notice the profile teaser positioned at the top and highlighted in blue.

Here are a few examples of current ExpertHub subscribers who have completed their profiles. You will notice that each profile teaser varies in focus and includes statements about firm experience, areas of practice and even attorney fees.  The sky’s the limit!

  • Indiana Disability Attorney Steven R. Jacobs : “Contact the experienced attorneys at the Law Office of Steven R. Jacobs to have your case evaluated. No fee unless we get you benefits.”
  • The Alia Law Center, P.C. located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “Practice Areas: Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Real Estate, Debt Settlement And IP Law, Including Patent, Trademarks, Copyrights.”
  • California Bankruptcy Law Offices of Eric Johnson: “Discounted Attorney Fees for Overlapping Cases: Bankruptcy, Workers Compensation, and/or Social Security Law.”

A great feature about your profile is that you control the content you want potential clients to see about your firm.  Be creative in how you differentiate your firm against the competition. For more tips and ideas about creating a powerful profile teaser, please contact us today.


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