Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stats To Help Track Your ROI!

Tracking your online advertising campaign has never been easier. Through our powerful expertSTATs performance dashboard, you get real-time reporting to help you track your return on investment with ExpertHub. This monthly report tracks your exposure within the ExpertHub network (profile views, article views, etc.) and the leads you generate (lead volume and detail), while showing you how your potential clients interact throughout our network.  

Your dashboard is also a great place to review recent leads and recent messages that have been sent regarding your account. 
Here is our sample dashboard.  As you generate profile views and leads, the numbers will populate in the corresponding sections on your report.

Access your dashboard report 24/7 from the “account tab” by logging in to view your profile. Please contact us with quesitons regarding your profile or about reading your dashboard report.    

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