Thursday, June 17, 2010

June’s Honorable Mentions

1. Illinois Personal Injury Attorney Philip Berenz is taking full advantage of the expertSYNDICATION program as part of his ExpertHub subscription. In fact, he has received additional exposure on the homepage of with high consumer ratings for his article content. Because his articles are syndicated on our relevant network sites, Attorney Berenz can also be found on,,, and…just to name a few!

2. Family Law Attorney Thomas McCormack uploaded video to his profile page providing potential clients with tips on handling their divorce case. This video is an entertaining take on important legal information.

3. New York Bankruptcy Attorney Bruce Bronson has added details on case history to his profile page. These details help to build credibility in the eyes of potential clients while showcasing his firm’s expertise. Attorney Bronson has also completed the tagline, profile teaser and firm overview information of his profile.

4. The Premier Law Group, Wood & Eisenberg is taking advantage of the three links available from their profile page. The links provide SEO benefits to their firm’s website, while the custom anchor text improves their chances of ranking organically in the search engines.

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