Thursday, June 10, 2010

5 Ways to Help You Close the Deal (Part III)

 Here are the 2 remaining tips to consider incorporating into your approach to help you retain future clients.

#4 Create an Auto Responder
If a lead contacts your firm directly, an auto responding email is another option to ensure an immediate response to the consumer is provided. While the best response is a personal one as discussed in Part II, here are a few details you can add to your auto response email if that is the route you decide to take:
  1. Overview of your firm’s expertise
  2. Why they should hire your firm (ex: “80% of our clients end up with a reduced charge…” or “I just settled a case very similar to yours…”)
  3. Highlight some of your firm’s success stories or link to your profile page which already showcases this (ex: $750,000 Medical Malpractice settlement)
  4. Let the consumer know when they can expect to hear from you again and how to contact you to schedule a consultation 
  5. Optional: Whether or not you charge for a consultation, your retainer amount or hourly rate

Here is an example of an auto response email to show you what might work for your firm.  

#5  Follow Up

Following up on your lead inquiries and keeping their attention on your firm can be the deciding factor that prevents a consumer from going to your competition.  If you do not get an immediate response back from your lead, reconnect with a phone call and email to check in and see if your firm is a good match for their needs.  Make sure to let them know what they can expect as next steps from you, as well as what action you would like them to take. A clear stream of communication will ensure that neither party is waiting on the other to make the next move. 

Consumers searching online are looking for quick and accurate information. By adding multiple email addresses to your lead notification list and responding quickly with a personal message or an auto responder email, you are ensuring a better chance of closing the deal with your future clients.

For more information on connecting with potential clients and to optimize your profile page, contact us today.


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