Thursday, June 3, 2010

5 Ways to Help You Close the Deal (Part I)

One of the biggest benefits of your ExpertHub subscription is that the leads you generate are emailed to your inbox in real time.  To help you covert these leads into paying clients, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

The next few blog posts will focus on 5 important actions steps you should consider to help you connect better with your leads and retain the client.  If you have already developed a system that works best for you, that’s great.  If not, it might be helpful to consider the following.

To get started, let’s focus on how you receive the leads and what to do once you receive the lead email.

#1 Add multiple recipients to your lead notification list

A great feature of your profile is that you are able to add multiple recipient email addresses to receive the instant lead notifications.  No matter what size firm you have, it is in your best interest to take advantage of this feature. This will ensure that a consumer’s request can be responded to quickly and increase your ability to convert them into a client. Adding additional email addresses is also good to consider if you anticipate being out of the office for extended periods of time or won’t have access to your email (court, vacation, etc.).

#2 Respond quickly

It’s important to reply to each lead as quickly as possible.  This will inform your potential client that you have received their case information and are interested in learning more about the reason they are looking for representation—or that you are interested in representing them.

Stay tuned for Part II of this series to find out the remaining ways to help you close the deal. For more information on how to optimize your profile or how to add additional email addresses, contact us today!

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