Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Attract attention by adding details on Case History

Promote your accomplishments by adding Case History details to your profile.  Not only is this important in establishing good rapport with potential clients, it can also help you generate more visitors to your profile, resulting in more leads. We are starting to see attorney profiles ranking for keyword searches related to the cases they add to their profile page.

Benefits of the Case History section:
  • Builds credibility with future clients by showcasing your firm’s prowess
  • Consumers can gauge from your track record why hiring your firm is the right choice
  • Allows attorneys the opportunity to showcase a variety of case examples   
  • Has SEO benefits and can increase the search engine exposure of your profile page
Below are actual Case History details from The Cochran Firm, a litigation and criminal defense law firm with office locations throughout the United States.   In the first case example, the firm has started the case description with the phrase “$76 MILLION VERDICT.” 

In the organic search below, the profile page for The Cochran Firm shows up on the first page of these results.  So we can see how important it is to consider the information you want to include when adding case details to your profile.  This additional information has also helped the profile page achieve a PR2 in Google in a relatively short time. 

Taking just a few minutes to add in some of your success stories and incorporate good search terms is another way of taking advantage of the SEO benefits that come with your ExpertHub Legal Network subscription.  For more information on how to complete your profile and add details on Case History, contact us today!


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