Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Get Found on Google with Article Contribution

If you are looking to maximize your ExpertHub subscription and increase your search engine visibility, submitting quality articles related to your practice area specialty is a simple way to achieve this. Article contribution is also a great way to generate more traffic to your profile page and in turn, produce additional leads to help you build your business. Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer Rodney Mesriani has contributed 148 articles to his profile page and during the month of March 2010 has received 8,523 article views, 386 profile views and 138 leads.

Mesriani article success stories include:

1. “California Meal Time and Break Laws: Employer Violations
    • Published: October 21, 2009 
    • March 2010 Page Views: 169  
    • Page Views to Date: 950 Found on:  
    • Traffic generated from 624 keywords includes:
          - California meal break law, 28    
          - California code of regulations, title 8 §11040, 25  
          - Ca law regarding lunch breaks, 24   
          - Case of employment break + duty meals, 17 
            - Wrongful termination lawsuits, 30    
            - Wrongful termination laws, 14    
            - Employee rights wrongful termination Idaho, 13  
            - Legal limitations of termination of at will employment, 7
        • Published: January 19, 2010
        • March Page Views: 126
        • Page Views to Date: 386
        • Found on:
        • Traffic from 189 keywords includes:
            - Employment law married couples, 27
            - Employee favoritism, 14    
            - Dangers of nepotism at work, 11   
            - Employee denied transfer, 11
        ExpertHub optimizes every subscriber’s profile page for organic search and allows each subscriber to include 3 backlinks to various pages within their own website. With the help of these free benefits, Rodney Mesriani’s profile page has also achieved a high ranking in Google:
        • ExpertHub page rank: PR3
        • Mesriani Law website page rank: PR3

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