Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Publish Articles on the ExpertHub Legal Network and Benefit Big!

Article contribution greatly benefits your ExpertHub subscription, and one of the ways is connecting you with new clients searching for relevant, legal information. Taking advantage of article submission will benefit you by:
  • Providing an outlet to reach thousands of consumers throughout our network of 16,000 websites
  • Increasing your search engine visibility
  • Building your brand online and establishing market leadership
  • Generating new business
  • Distinguishing the services your firm specializes in from your peers
  • Allowing consumers the ability to rate the usefulness of your articles

To better showcase your published articles, we’ve added a new display feature to your Lawfirms.com directory listing that shows your recent articles with the consumer ratings they’ve received. This new feature maximizes the exposure of the quality content you submit and establishes you as a subject matter expert. Attorneys who take advantage of submitting articles, elevate their firm above the others by demonstrating their expertise to potential clients. As a result, consumers are motivated to contact an attorney who provides well-rated and relevant information over one who doesn’t. 

In the sample search below, you can see a LawFirms.com directory search for Personal Injury attorneys in Southern California. Out of the 4 attorneys listed, Allegiance Law naturally stands out due to the list of articles Attorney Jason Lundberg has written, and the positive ratings each article has received. Potential clients will naturally gravitate toward an attorney who can provide them with a more complete picture of their practice expertise.

For more information on submitting article content, please view our expertSYNDICATION guidelines or email stolai@experthubinc.com.

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