Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Easier Way for Local Professionals to Advertise Online

We recently launched a new subscription product called Standard Listing for lawyers, plastic surgeons, dentists, chiropractors, financial planners and accountants.  The subscription includes an online profile, a directory listing and article publishing - all for a low annual fee.

Our article publishing platform is designed to help local professionals reach new clients through published content in a cost-effective manner. An article on our legal sites receives, on average, 20 unique visitors each month.  5 articles would attract 100 unique visitors per month; 1,200 per year.

For lawyers, the current standard listing price is $300 per year, therefore the average cost per visitor is $0.25.  Since all our traffic comes from organic search, it is essentially the same as getting an effective cost per click (cpc) of $0.25. Compared that to Google's average cpc for legal-related keywords at $7 -12, you are saving at least 95%!
Subscribers who publish articles also receive premium brand exposure and lead generation opportunities.  Every contributed article has a prominent "About the Author" box in the top right corner that includes the professional’s photo, name and practice, plus links to the profile and other articles by this author.  It also allows consumers to submit a case inquiry directly to you.  But the real plus is the SEO benefits - each article provides one backlink with customizable anchor text to your site, blog, or any specified web page.
Our Standard Listing product is an easy way for local professionals to enhance their online marketing as well as for SEO firms to leverage our service for their clients.

To learn more, please visit our corporate site or contact us.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Value of a Profile

Haven't posted in a while, been working on new product features that should significantly enrich the SEO benefits subscribers receive from our platform.  More on this later.

Today I wanted to update everyone on how your profile is adding value to your subscription.  The following table summarizes the relevant data:

Entrances: number of visitors who entered via the profile, meaning the profile is being found outside of via search engines or other sites.
Page Views: number of times the profile is viewed by visitors.
Ranked Keywords: number of search keywords the profile page appears on in Google and Bing results.

There are a few takeaways.  First, a profile receives traffic from sources outside of, close to 6 visitors a month.  The two main sources are from search engines and other sites in the ExpertHub network.

Second, an average profile is viewed 17 times a month.  There is a positive direct correlation between number of articles published and profile views.  The more you publish, the more visitors to your profile.

Third, a profile is getting ranked by Google on an average of 3 ~4 keywords.   Now most of the keywords are variations of the law firms and lawyers' names, but looking at the latest data, there are about 20% of the keywords that are generic local keywords such as:

  • foreclosure lawyers in mesa az (ranked 3 in Google)
  • law firms atlanta (ranked 11)
  • palm desert california nursing homes (ranked 8)
  • washington sc intellectual property law firms (ranked 10)
  • workers comp attorneys 48383 (ranked 5)
There are profiles that get ranked on 25+ keywords.  These lawyers tend to have more complete profiles, meaning they filled out all the sections, added articles, case history, videos and etc.

Our profile pages are designed as advertorials to market your firm to consumers.  Leverage your profile page to help build brand awareness and generate more lead inquiries.