Monday, September 14, 2009

Making it Easier to Find a Lawyer Near You

We have upgraded our Lawyers Near You feature that is displayed on every page of all our legal websites.

Lawyers Near You displays a short list of attorneys based for your location (identified based on your computer’s IP address) making it easy for a consumer to quickly connect with a lawyer near them. For example, I live in San Francisco and when I land on US Immigration Lawyers, I am shown immigration lawyers located near me.  If you are in Miami and go to the same website, you will see immigration lawyers near Miami.

Now, consumers have the option to customize the Lawyers Near You practice area and location through a quick edit feature.  Simply click “change” and choose from a list of relevant practice areas (i.e., on, relevant practice areas include Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce, and Family) and enter a desired zip code to display a new list of local lawyers.

In addition, Lawyers Near You  will display attorneys related to search queries made from any of the 50+ websites within our legal network. For example, if you searched for "green cards", "visa" or "immigration", you will see a list of immigration lawyers.  Whereas "divorce", "annulment", or "separation" returns a list of divorce attorneys.  This is true regardless of what site you are on.  Meaning if you are on, and search for "annulment", you will see a list of divorce lawyers.

With the Lawyers Near You feature, consumers gain the added convenience of an integrated user experience.  Our subscribers profit from an increased exposure to targeted consumers, which should result in more profile views and case inquiries.