Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lawyers Experience SEO success with Contributed Articles

In prior posts, I advocated that publishing articles is one of the best ways to capture a consumer’s attention and build rapport online. However, those articles are only valuable if they can be found by consumers.

Since we launched our publishing platform a few of months ago, we have seen very positive SEO results for the lawyer-contributed articles. Here are few of the successes we've seen:

255Beating a Speeding Ticket in Court1st Page Result for 50+ keywords• How to Beat a Speeding Ticket
• beating a speeding ticket in court
• speeding ticket visual estimate
194Determining Eligibility for Making Home Affordable1st Page Result for 50+ keywords• mha guidelines
• legal help with mha modification
• rules home affordable modification
128What Wage Benefits Are You Entitled to Under Florida Workers ...1st Page Result for 50+ keywords• workers compensation wages
• florida worker compensation wages
110Employee Restroom and Break Laws in Minnesota1st Page Result for 40+ keywords• minnesota break laws
• mn break laws
• mn employee break law
108Rights of Injured Workers1st Page Result for 40+ keywords• rights of injured workers
• injured workers rights
105Public Defender vs. Private Attorney: Is it Worth It?1st Page Result for 30+ keywords• court attorney vs. private attorney
• public lawyers v. private lawyers
99How Child Support Payment Modification Works1st Page Result for 20+ keywords• child support payment modification
• involuntary child support payment
86Transfer on Death Deed | Avoid Probate for Real Estate1st Page Result for 20+ keywords• transfer on death deed
• payable on death deed
• probate transfer deed process
• real estate transfer on death
• probate transfer deed process
80Advantages and Disadvantages to Filing for Bankruptcy1st Page Result for 20+ keywords• advantages of bankruptcy
• advantages of filing bankruptcy
• disadvantages of filing bankruptcy