Friday, March 27, 2009

Webinar Friday

As a follow-up to Tuesday's post, there is a Webinar available that goes into more detail about expertSYNDICATION and gives an introduction to expertSTATS.

Part of what makes ExpertHub unique is our commitment to educate professionals on how to take advantage of our marketing tools and programs in order to become successful on our network and in online advertising.

Today's post is short so you can allocate more time to the Webinar.

You can view the Webinar at If you have any trouble with the video, please email Lisha Fabris at

Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to Reach More Consumers

I'm writing this post today with a big smile on my face because the topic is on expertSYNDICATION - a feature which I am extremely excited about. This is a great example of how we are enabling professionals to create more opportunities to connect with consumers. Through this tool, professionals can submit articles that will be displayed throughout the network, including prominent placement on the homepage.

ExpertHub subscribers should be ALL OVER THIS because...

First, it’s free and part of your subscription. Second, you get to increase exposure and establish credibility with our consumers, meaning more profile page visits and more leads. Third, your article is SEO optimized to help get ranked on Google, providing exposure to all online consumers.

Although this feature just recently launched, I am very proud to share some of its early success stories:

I would like thank expertSYNDICATION's early adopters for making these success stories possible and encourage our other subscribers to take advantage of this feature.

If you need help getting started, please visit our expertSYNDICATION overview page or contact our content team at

Monday, March 23, 2009

Better Way to Advertise Online

Welcome to the new ExpertHub blog!

As my first post, I would like to answer a question that many have asked: What is ExpertHub?

Before I answer this, let’s begin with why ExpertHub was founded. It started with a premise that there must be a better way for local professionals (e.g.lawyers and plastic surgeons) to advertise online. When we were researching and analyzing online advertising for local professionals, we discovered the solutions existing in the marketplace were not sufficient to meet all their needs. The following table distills the pros and cons of how most
professionals advertise online:

As you see, there are quite a few “cons” with how professionals are advertising. Based on this and discussions with local professionals and consumers, we decided there must be a better solution that takes full advantage of what the Internet has to offer - in terms of measuring how your dollars are being spent, creating more opportunities to connect with potential consumer clients, and improving your return on investment.

So to answer our original question of what is Experthub? ExpertHub is transforming the way professionals advertise online.

Over the past nine months, in addition to significantly growing traffic and lead volume, we launched a few products such as expertPLANNER, expertSTATS, and expertSYNDICATION that I believe offer professionals a better experience. I’ll be providing more details on those products in future postings, as well as sharing some of our successes. Please feel free to ask questions or share your opinion as I am hoping this blog will be one of the conduits to receive feedback, both positive and negative, so we know how we are doing.

I recommend our subscribers and interested professionals to sign up and receive the latest postings for this blog. This will help you stay updated with our community and understand how to take advantage of all of our products to help you grow your business.

Stay tuned.