Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lawyers Experience SEO success with Contributed Articles

In prior posts, I advocated that publishing articles is one of the best ways to capture a consumer’s attention and build rapport online. However, those articles are only valuable if they can be found by consumers.

Since we launched our publishing platform a few of months ago, we have seen very positive SEO results for the lawyer-contributed articles. Here are few of the successes we've seen:

255Beating a Speeding Ticket in Court1st Page Result for 50+ keywords• How to Beat a Speeding Ticket
• beating a speeding ticket in court
• speeding ticket visual estimate
194Determining Eligibility for Making Home Affordable1st Page Result for 50+ keywords• mha guidelines
• legal help with mha modification
• rules home affordable modification
128What Wage Benefits Are You Entitled to Under Florida Workers ...1st Page Result for 50+ keywords• workers compensation wages
• florida worker compensation wages
110Employee Restroom and Break Laws in Minnesota1st Page Result for 40+ keywords• minnesota break laws
• mn break laws
• mn employee break law
108Rights of Injured Workers1st Page Result for 40+ keywords• rights of injured workers
• injured workers rights
105Public Defender vs. Private Attorney: Is it Worth It?1st Page Result for 30+ keywords• court attorney vs. private attorney
• public lawyers v. private lawyers
99How Child Support Payment Modification Works1st Page Result for 20+ keywords• child support payment modification
• involuntary child support payment
86Transfer on Death Deed | Avoid Probate for Real Estate1st Page Result for 20+ keywords• transfer on death deed
• payable on death deed
• probate transfer deed process
• real estate transfer on death
• probate transfer deed process
80Advantages and Disadvantages to Filing for Bankruptcy1st Page Result for 20+ keywords• advantages of bankruptcy
• advantages of filing bankruptcy
• disadvantages of filing bankruptcy


  1. Lawyer Web Marketing Limitations

    Some lawyers have been raising their concerns lately about web marketing. One common concern deals the accessibility of multimedia websites for the average client. Many potential or existing clients access the internet from their mobile devices; this means they can’t get the multimedia parts of the site. Also, a diminishing concern but a concern nonetheless is for the client base that still uses a dial-up connection. They are also unable to access the content.
    Another concern is the perceived limitations of web marketing. Especially senior staff members have shown an almost contradictory concern that the web is too one dimensional to market their services. They prefer the old school paper trail.
    So how do law marketing experts around the country respond? They say that lawyer web marketing is one of the fastest growing trends out there for a reason. And if you’re not sure, just type your law specialty and geographical location in any major search engine. See if it’s your name that comes up, or the name of the competition.

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