Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Consumers Provide Feedback on Articles

A basic ExpertHub premise is to deliver quality and relevant information to consumers.

We recently launched a new feature that enables consumers to provide direct feedback on whether or not the article they read was helpful. One point is awarded to the article for every consumer that answers “yes, it was helpful” and zero points for every consumer that answers “no, it was not helpful”. For example, if seven out of ten consumers voted, “yes, it was helpful”, then the score is “7”. The total number of votes is displayed next to the score.

Consumers can use the score to as a way to save time and pre-screen the articles. It is also an invaluable tool for our editorial team to manage and improve the quality of the large collection of articles (5,000 and growing) in our network. If the article score falls below our minimum standard, our editorial team will work with the author to improve or rewrite the article. After revisions are made, the article is re-posted and the score is reset.

Here are some articles with good consumer feedback:

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