Monday, June 22, 2009

Engage Consumers with Your Knowledge

On a recent poll of users, we asked when searching for a lawyer, would it be helpful to read the lawyer's published article pertaining to their specific legal situation.

Not surprisingly 73% of the 876 consumers polled responded that it will be helpful to read articles from attorneys. While the results may seem obvious, it highlights the importance of dispensing legal knowledge upfront to consumers to inspire confidence in your services. Thus beginning a relationship with a potential client.

Our subscribers should take advantage of ExpertHub's publishing and syndication platform that makes it easier to engage consumers:

1) Creating a custom profile to build a solid, professional online brand through video, photos, case history, and more.
2) Publishing news and articles that are found throughout our network of legal websites as well as via major search engines.
3) Answering legal questions posted by our users.

We are also extending our publishing platform to non-subscribers in order to provide more high quality content for our consumers. If you are interested, please email to learn more.


  1. of course there is some legal exposure associated with posting articles with legal views and opinions. This same kind of thinking is why we have cautiously added a "free legal consultation" button on our site at

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