Monday, June 29, 2009

Educate Consumers with Video

Video is an excellent way to connect with consumers online. But how do you make good use of video?

Combing through attorney videos, I noticed that many take the time to make a video, but they stop with an ad about their company (i.e., we are Jane law firm and I can help you with…). These types of advertisements are a good introduction to your firm, but consumers crave more. Attorneys should share useful information with consumers pertaining to their legal situation.

Here are some ideas:
• Provide an overview of a particular law in your state
• Give tips on what to do in a certain situation – such as what to do if you are in an accident
• Address frequently asked questions that you receive from clients

Consumers will find much more benefit if you use their time to educate them rather than “sell” to them.

The above video is a good example of an attorney combining information with advertising. He starts off providing tips for drivers on how to avoid a DWI and then talks about how he has helped his clients in the past (the “soft sell”).

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  1. Not to mention that people searching for an attorney online generally have to pour through pages of text written primarily for a search engines benefit. Having video available helps give a potential clients a "feel" of an attorney they may be considering hiring.