Friday, May 8, 2009

Poll: Where do Consumers Begin Their Search for a Lawyer?

According to a poll of 515 consumers, 83% said they began their search for a lawyer via a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Another 7% started their search directly on

Other responses include the phone book, referrals from family and friends, state bar associations and insurance companies.

These results confirm what most of us already know - in order to grow your business, you must be successful in online marketing.

As an ExpertHub subscriber, you have the necessary tools to not only reach out to consumers within our network of websites, but also to those finding a lawyer on search engines. Adding information to your profile, uploading videos, and submitting articles and news will increase your exposure on more keyword searches. This also applies to your website, blog or other online assets.


  1. Hi Marcus

    I really don't agree with the findings here. I would say that most people still use referrals or previous dealings when finding lawyers. They might then check the firm out on Google. So I would have thought the piece of the pie for referrals should be a lot bigger, and the google-ling a little smaller. Maybe most of the 515 people asked worked for Google ;-)

  2. What a load of crap. How about disclosing that Experthub owns I've never heard of it before, and I've been in the legal field a long time . . .

  3. Yeah, no conumber would think of the url much less 7% of them. Total crap!

  4. We pole all new clients an the vast majority obtain our name from a friend or family member or a truste advisor. Many othem also google us after that. Very few find us via the internet initially. However, an internet presence is clearly important.

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