Friday, April 10, 2009

Your Company Website vs ExpertHub Profile

I love cereal. Don't really have a favorite. What I usually do is buy an assortment of 3~4 boxes at the same time and depending on my mood, decide to eat either the corn flakes, raisin nut bran, granola or all three mixed together.

Well, one of things I noticed early on during an excursion to the cereal aisle is that there are 50+ different cereals but produced by only 5 to 6 different companies. I just assumed they were catering to the diverse tastes of the myriad of addicted cereal lovers.

But later on in business school, I learned that these cereal manufacturers, along with every other company that sells their product in a supermarket, are trying to occupy as much shelf space as possible. The tactics used include not only producing as many different kinds of cereal, but packaging them in bigger boxes than needed. Most of the cereals out there can be placed in half the size of its current box. Occupying shelf space will limit new competitors trying to enter the market and increase the probability that consumers will purchase at least one of their products.

The point of all this is that You should think like a cereal manufacturer and position your website, ExpertHub profile, blog, and any other online asset like different kinds of cereal. By developing original content for each of these assets, you will be able to increase exposure through Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

If you were a personal injury lawyer in California, and a consumer searches on keyword "California personal injury attorney", wouldn't you like to occupy three or even five of the top ten search results?

Tomek on our SEO team has a blog that is great resource to learn how to write better and search engine optimized web content.

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