Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why Should I Add a Profile Picture?

I noticed many of our subscribers have yet to add a photo to their profile page and opted to use the default image.

Mining our data, we discovered that subscribers with profile photos receive 34% more visits than those without. This makes sense because consumers like to be visually stimulated, and so a photo adds interest to the text introducing your firm. In some ways, it makes a consumer feel connected.

But a profile picture is much more than just higher click-thru rates.

It's an important facet of your brand, and usually a consumer's first impression of your firm or practice. Some if not most of you are bloggers and members of facebook, linkedin, or twitter. If leveraged correctly, a profile photo is a great PR tool to promote you and your firm in those online communities.

I recommend reading Jason Preston pf Parnassus Group's article titled "How Important is your profile picture?" which gives a good introduction on reasons why profile picture are important in social media.

If you need help updating your profile picture, please email


  1. Great post Marcus. A couple additional tips are to post a headshot taken from shoulders and up. When taking your photo, sit or stand at an angle, then turn your face forward. Taking a head-on shot tends to look like a mugshot and is not so appealing...unless that's the look you're going for.

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